Blue Hawk 9.6 Lbs. Framing Pneumatic Nailer Review

The existence of power tools had undeniably changed the world, as we know it. As the scientific world continues to progress, more and more people rely on the use of these oh-so-incredible and stylistic set of tools that can certainly help them complete their jobs with ease. They just hasten things up like a magic.

This article reviews the Blue Hawk 9.6 Lbs. Framing Pneumatic Nailer (Model #: SGY-NR-KITV), a power nailer which you may want to consider to help you finish your job with absolute speed and precision.

Below is a rundown of functions, advantages and even disadvantages of this framing pneumatic nailer.

How can This Framing Pneumatic Nailer Help You

This pneumatic nailer is engineered as a multifunctional nailer. In other words, this cannot only be used for woods. It can also help one to drive nails on other types of medium. This powerful nailer is designed for driving nails into wood flooring, cabinets, roof shingles and even thick materials, with precision.


What people love about this Blue Hawk 9.6 Lbs. Framing Pneumatic Nailer are the following:

  • It sets nails at about any depth;
  • The package includes a guide for easier as well as faster driving;
  • The air exhaust is 360 degrees adjustable;
  • Since it is a lightweight nailer, it just perfectly fits into compact spaces;
  • It has a safety trigger that prevents mis-firing;
  • It has a rubber nose-piece which is used to protect the work surfaces;
  • The tool will work on about any nail with a head on it;
  • It has a depth control;
  • The package includes a one-year warranty – the plan covers electrical or mechanical failure and power surge with no hassle or hidden fees.

is also this online review which says that when the user used it on a siding job and he went through about 1200 nails, there was even no single problem. As such, he decided to use the nailer more.

Another review says that the user is happy because the rubber circle end piece is removable when toe nailing. He says, this particularly helps in sinking the nails the entire way.

Durability is another notable feedback as you go over different online reviews.


Meanwhile, this article also enlists what other people do not like about this particular product. Here are they:

  • It requires the use of oil. However, some people are also saying that with any pneumatic tool, it is really necessary to add a few drops of oil before using it.
  • Oil is not provided in the package. However, one can buy a bottle only for a few bucks.

In conclusion, we ask you: Do you already have this tool? If your answer is no, then you should hear this: It’s time to have one. With Blue Hawk 9.6 Lbs. Framing Pneumatic Nailer, you can only expect smooth and precise nail jobs ahead.